Brrr! We could be in for FIVE DAYS of snow. Here’s what you can expect…

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow and ice for the next four days.

As well as snow, temperatures could feel bitter.

Tomorrow, they won’t get above 2 degrees – and with the wind chill factor, it could feel as cold as -5 even at mid-day, according to the Met Office.

More snow is forecast for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – and possibly even Friday. Temperatures will mostly remain at or just below zero – and could feel a lot colder than that.

The Met Office has warned that there could be travel delays on roads, and that vehicles could get stranded.

There may also be power cuts and mobile phone failures, it says. Some rural communities could be cut off.

It has urged pedestrians and cyclists also to take care on icy footpaths.

Readers have been sending in their favourite photos of previous snowstorms in the region. Here’s a selection…

1York Press:

“My husband took this one, when we got snowed in at Stamford Bridge a few years back, ” says Emma Collingwood. Brr!

2. York Press:

Susan JB took this image of a blizzard behind The Minster in Dean’s Garden 

3. York Press:

Michelle Sorrell sent in this beautiful image of snow up at Hawnby

4.York Press:

Another from Susan JB, this time showing Glen Gardens in Heworth during 2018’s ‘Beast from the East’

5. York Press:

Olivia Robinson supplied this photo of snow at Poppleton on January 8 this year…

6.York Press:

Sue Gabbatiss sent in this wonderfully quirky photo of a ‘Clifford’s Snow Tower’


7. York Press:

Steve Martin (no, not that one) submitted this photo of a snowy Bootham, date uncertain. Love the red ‘phone box…

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