Cross View Tea Rooms in Richmond announces immediate closure

Cross View Tea Rooms, in Richmond, has been popular with both North Yorkshire natives and visiting tourists due to its good food and historic location in a listed Georgian building overlooking the town’s historic cobbled marketplace.

Unfortunately, increasing financial pressures due to the cost of living crisis means that “no amount of hard work is going to balance the books” for the business – and they have been forced to close. 

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Cross View is one in a string of Richmond-based businesses to fold. Over the last two days, four independent businesses located in the North Yorkshire town have announced they are shutting. 

The owners of Cross View Tea Rooms made an emotional statement about their closure. They said: “It is with a heavy heart that we write this, but we have closed our doors for one last time.

“Having bought Cross View at the start of 2020, we did not have the easiest of beginnings, but we were always optimistic we could make it work.

“However, with the ongoing cost of living crisis, we have come to the devastating conclusion that no amount of hard work is going to balance the books and, therefore, we are closed with immediate effect. 

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“We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for all of your support, for making us your home for your morning coffees and afternoon teas, and for trusting us with your special events. 

“We have loved serving you and will miss you all.” 

Residents expressed their dismay at this most recent closure in Richmond. Cross View Tea Rooms joins The Fleece, Ravensworth Nurseries, and York House, all of which have announced their immediate or imminent closures this week.

One said: “Sad news again from Richmond. Thanks to Cross View Tea Rooms for all the pleasure that you have given to so many people over the years and for being an active part of the business community here in Richmond. Please, everyone, shop local and support local businesses.”

Another said: “I’m so sorry to here this news. Indeed the government needs to help out. Small companies are the lifeblood of the economy, and as such, serve as its backbone.”

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