Crowds of Christmas shoppers spark heated online debate

MORE than 250 Press readers have given their reaction to the crowds of Christmas shoppers in York’s Coney Street – and they’re pretty passionate and pretty divided.

The issue sparked a heated debate on our website and social media channels, with some readers welcoming the additional trade and dismissing the risks, while others were very concerned about the coronavirus risks. Several also claimed many shoppers had come into York from Tier 3 areas. Others claimed the street was not as busy as had been suggested.

Here are some of the comments posted so far:

“Middle of January we’ll be lucky to be still in Tier 2.”

“When will they learn? How many of those in that crowd won’t see the end of February?”

“Be very scared – if there are people from Tier 3 areas in that lot, we’ll be back in lockdown by the end of January. Do you think all the medical profession send out the guidance for nothing?”

“Great news, more the merrier.”

“Guessed scenes like this would’ve happened. Shutting “non essential” shops during November has probably contributed to this scene.”

“Hardly any were from York. Lots of people from Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester. All the customers I had were not from York.”

“I was in York this morning and it wasn’t as crowded as this photo, it was fairly quiet.”

“I arrived in town around 10:30 and it was not that bad but by noon made the decision to leave, due to safety concerns. Lots not wearing masks and not even being approached by staff.”

“We had a walk at 4pm and it was very busy (so) that we cut our walk short and came home. A girl on the bridge wanted to know where Yates was. I pointed it out and she nearly toppled trying to high five my hand. I pulled my hand away quick, clearly not from York.”

“Totally ridiculous. Those saying it’s great for the economy, well not so when we’re in Tier 3 for the first few months in 2021.”

“I’m staying well away!”

“Welcomed of course, a shopping centre is no good without shoppers. I think the likes of Amazon have done well enough out of this pandemic.”

“Welcome to Lockdown 3 in January and RIP to all those that will die of the virus due to the insurmountable stupidity of society who have to go out and buy that Christmas present, that Christmas present which ultimately could cause the demise of their loved one.”

“There is going to be a lot of sickly people over Christmas who wished they had avoided the shopping crowds.”

“All good for us Tier 2s to be shopping and keeping the business going but when piles of people from Tier 3 areas are pouring out the station to shop in an area they shouldn’t be in and go boozing round York.”

“It was nice to see people out and about again, the majority were wearing a face covering.”

“Seriously, somehow that should be policed in the town centre. Why don’t people seem to care, so many without masks! Just wear a bloody mask and protect everyone else….”

“Good news not shutting down. Wear your masks. Vunerable/high risk folks please stay home (clarification…avoid crowds to protect yourself, getting outside is healthy and needed).”

“Getting the economy moving again before it is completely bust.”

“This is absolutely 100 per cent stupidity, undoes the work of keeping infection rates down in the city.”

“Nice little cash boost for York.”

*Would anyone like to add their views to the debate?

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