Fulford School in York confirms another case of Covid-19

As The Press previously reported, Fulford School has had a pupil in Year12or 13 test postive for Covid-19 and now a Year 11 student has tested positive for the virus. 

In a letter to parents, head, Steve Lewis, said: “We are a large school and the systems we have put in place have been designed to limit any transition of the Covid19.

“Pupils spend all their time in school within year bubbles. This means that there is no contact between different year groups. If a pupil within a year bubble has a confirmed case, then we significantly reduce the opportunity within school for Covid-19 to be passed to another year group. When a case is confirmed we work closely with Public Health England to identify the close contacts the confirmed case may have had over any infectious period.

“Sometimes we can identify a small group of pupils and in other cases we have to ask the whole bubble to isolate.

“We will let you know if your son or daughter needs to isolate, for how long and when they are due back in school.

“If a full year group or a whole class within the year group needs to self-isolate, we will move the teaching of their normal lessons to zoom. The lesson will last for 40 minutes. It will start 10 minutes later than normal lesson time and finish 10 minutes before the end of normal lesson time to allow teacher movement around school and connection to technology.

“If individuals or small groups are asked to isolate, work will be provided and pupils should access homework etc. via Class Charts.

“If your child has a positive Covid19 diagnosis please inform the school.

“There has been and possibly will be a number of rumours circulating as to who has or has not got Covid19. The school will always inform you as soon as we can if there has been a confirmed case within your child’s bubble and if your son or daughter needs to isolate. Please be mindful of the possible upset and concern social media posts can cause.”

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