New five-storey student block plan for Fawcett Street, York

A NEW student accommodation block – with 105 bedrooms – could be built just outside the city walls.

A planning application has been submitted for the demolition of the former kitchen and bathroom supplier Plumbase in Fawcett Street, near York Barbican.

A new block of flats, up to five storeys high, would be built in its place.

And a resident has called for a “significant archaeological investigation” at the site – saying it could lead to Roman and Anglian discoveries.

A letter written in response to the application says: “The site is close to the pre and post-Norman churches of All Saints and St Andrew’s, where the priory was also found, and the largest concentration of Anglian discoveries in York were made by York Archaeological Trust in 1985.

“The site fronts the Roman Road. Roman finds have been made nearby, including burials and cremations.

“Before construction of the city walls, the area was the home of some significant people, whose houses have not been found, but may lie on this site.

“It is essential that a significant archaeological investigation is undertaken on this site prior to and during construction works.”

Developers KMRE Group say in a statement: “The external soft and hard landscaping has been designed to create an open and unique place that establishes a new standard for sustainable student realm design. The design is driven by a deep understanding of the city’s culture, historic foot print and views, but primarily its people.

“This design is sat on the axis between the two architectural styles and will introduce a balance between the two as well as something back to the community.”

The plans also include a gym, student workroom, communal area and laundry room within the development.

Plumbase closed in June 2019.

Visit reference 20/01521/FULM for more information.

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