Spark:York in Piccadilly in York to screen cult films

Spark:York in Piccadilly will be screening two films by Yorkshire director Liam Regan, who has just returned from the US after working with Troma Entertainment, who produced his latest film Eating Miss Campbell. 

Spark will be showing the 38-year-old’s first movie My Bloody Banjo along with Eating Miss Campbell on Saturday, August 19 from 6am-10.30pm.

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York Press: Eating Miss Campbell is Liam's latest movieEating Miss Campbell is Liam’s latest movie (Image: Supplied)

It’s a strictly 18+ affair so people are being asked to bring ID as the movies are not for the faint hearted, or easily offended.

York Press: Inside SparkInside Spark (Image: Supplied)

Adam James, Spark’s assistant general manager, said: “Spark is dedicated to supporting independent business and art.

“We are very proud to be supporting Liam who will be available for a Q&A on the night, and their will be photo ops with the star of Eating Miss Campbell, York actress, Lyndsey Craine.

“We are hoping to do more events like this. We already have a Spark cinema club which has been running on and off for about a year, but we want to really nuture it now.

“We want to show cult films from independent directors and at some point we’d love to organise a short film festival.”

York Press: Spark hopes to champion cult movies like Eating Miss CampbellSpark hopes to champion cult movies like Eating Miss Campbell (Image: Supplied)

Liam said: “I was truly honoured when Spark reached out to me. Spark is a place that celebrates creativity, with an independent spirit, and I love working with Adam and the team and am very much excited to showcase my movies, along with the lead actress Lyndsey Craine (Book of Monsters) and truly Tromatize the beautiful city of York.”

York Press: Director Liam ReganDirector Liam Regan (Image: Supplied)

Shot at locations across Yorkshire, Eating Miss Campbell follows a vegan-goth high school student falls in love with her new English teacher and develops a problematic taste for human flesh.

York Press: Eating Miss Campbell will be showing at SparkEating Miss Campbell will be showing at Spark (Image: Supplied)

Liam said: “I studied media and moving image at Huddersfield University in 2003 and it’s always been my dream to work on a Troma movie. Flash forward to 2012, and I read that Lloyd Kaufman, the president of Troma Entertainment and the creator of The Toxic Avenger, was preparing to shoot a sequel to Class of Nuke ‘Em High in Buffalo, Niagara on the outskirts of New York City, and he was looking for people to help out as production assistants.

“So, I hopped onto a plane and flew all the way to Buffalo to work on Return to Nuke ‘Em High, and it was the greatest and most rewarding experience I could ask for, working on that movie was like film school, watching how all the departments worked and communicated with each other.

“Flash forward another ten years and my latest movie Eating Miss Campbell is produced by Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment, and had its world premiere at the prestigious genre film festival FrightFest to a sold out crowd in Leicester Square, London.”

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