Vandals carve obscene pictures on York bowling green – warning graphic images

“MINDLESS” vandals have struck at a York bowling green, by cutting images of male genitalia and a swear word into the turf.

The incident is thought to have happened a few weeks ago at one of the bowling greens at West Bank Park, off Acomb Road.

Keith Nelson, secretary of West Bank Park Bowling Association, which maintains the greens, said it appears someone has dragged their feet across the ground to carve the phallic images and four-letter swear word into the green. The offensive word has been covered up.

York Press: The phallic images on a bowling green at West Bank Park in YorkThe phallic images on a bowling green at West Bank Park in York

York Press:

Speaking about when he first noticed the vandalism, Keith explained: “I just couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

“The first thing I thought of is the people walking by with their kids.”

He is hopeful the vandalism will disappear when the grass starts to grow back over the next couple of months, adding: “If we had money behind us we could look at an alternative.”

York Press: A swear word cut into the turf has been covered upA swear word cut into the turf has been covered up

Keith said the greens have been vandalised in the past, with bicycle skid marks and damage from people playing football on the turf.

He said it takes a lot of hard work from volunteers and £4,800 is spent each year on contractors to maintain the greens.

Another member of the Association said: “I’ve been down to see if we can do anything with it but we can’t.

“It is disgraceful and obscene what they have put on the green.

“Hopefully the grass will cover it up.”

They added: “A lot of hard work and money is spent on those greens. They’re a focal point of the park.

“We’ve had problems for a while with people coming and throwing rubbish on the ground, and riding bikes on the greens.”

A “concerned” parent, who is a regular visitor to the park with her young daughter, described the vandalism as “disgusting,” and the actions of those responsible as “mindless.”

“I feel very sorry for those that work hard to keep the park clean, safe and welcoming throughout these incredibly tough times,” the parent said.

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