Vapes used to create art for exhibition at Spark:York

The piece is by campaign group VRAC (Vape Recycling Awareness Campaign) and will be on display at Spark:York, in Piccadilly, this weekend October 14-15).

Over the last 18 months VRAC has worked with Spark to collect used disposable vapes in a bid to stop them from being littered.

A spokesperson for the event said an estimated 1.5 million are thrown away every week.  

The vapes have been turned into an installation called “The Suckered Not Succoured”.

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Mick Storey, founder of VRAC York, said: ”The Suckered Not Succoured installation, using some 3,000 used vapes, conveys a message about our responsibility to all our young people and the future generations yet to come who will inherit whatever future it is we leave behind us.”

VRAC’s installation will be located at the front of the venue.

Spark says it hopes to use the exhibition to generate discussion about the future of our communities and to “provoke reflections and meaningful actions that can help build a better world for us all”.

Entry to the art exhibition is free. For more information visit Spark’s website:

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