Warning to salons after 300 complaints over Covid safety breaches

COUNCIL chiefs have received around 300 reports of salons failing to implement social distancing measures in York – and now they have written to businesses to warn them of their legal obligations.

In a letter to hairdressers, barbers, beauty salons and tattoo parlours across the city, City of York Council has warned that a number of businesses are “not following UK coronavirus advice to prevent the spread of Covid-19”.

It said the most common issues sparking concern include staff not wearing the correct protective equipment.

Currently, staff at the businesses are required to wear a full face visor and a face mask when carrying out treatment.

The letter added that some businesses are not requiring customers to wear face coverings, and there are too many incidents of crowded waiting areas.

The owner of one hairdressing salon, who did not want to be named, said: “The main problem is, my clients’ partners and family members could be using a salon where the ruling isn’t adhered to, putting myself and my other clients at risk.

“Also, if we have an ‘industry’ lockdown a lot of salons would not manage to keep afloat and would be forced to close because of the ignorance of others.

“These rules regarding masks and visors clearly apply to everyone, including freelancers, and mobile hair, barber and beauticians.”

In the letter, the council added: “If you are an employer with five or more employees, you must record the outcome of your risk assessment.

“If you are self-employed or an employee with less than five employees, you must still follow the guidance on coronavirus controls to ensure that you do not cause a risk to the health of your clients or other people who share your workplace or your employees.

“We are, therefore, writing to businesses within this sector to remind them of their legal obligations and offer advice and support.”

Matt Boxall, head of Public Protection at City of York Council, said: “The Public Protection team has received around 300 complaints.

“Our team are closely monitoring these to identify any trends or concerns, where we will intervene to ensure businesses have the necessary steps in place to remain open and safe for visitors.

“Overall, we have been pleased to see so many of the great businesses in York complying with the latest government guidance and going over and above to protect their staff and customers. We urge any business wanting advice on compliance with coronavirus obligations, and/or anyone with concerns about businesses not complying with the rules to contact the council at public.protection@york.gov.uk.”

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